Tube STATION is a modern event location in the historic Quartier 110 Friedrichstrasse, in the neighbourhood of Gendarmenmarkt and not far from Checkpoint Charlie, Potdamer Platz and Brandenburg Gate.

The location is at the ground level and barrier-free. It offers on the surface of 700 m2 numerous opportunities for events.

At your disposal you have the bar, meeting facilities including lounge and two quiet courtyards with green terraces. 3 sides of the event location are floor-to-ceiling glassed including large doors.

Discover the diverse design combinations that are possible in each of those sides for your event.

The location is extensively equipped with technology.

Sound system event room: 4x boxes from Kling & Freitag / 4 point PA 2x 18 inch Bass 2 DJ – sets for event space and bar area: 4x Technics MK2 turntables 2x Pioneer DJM 800, 2x Pioneer CD J 1000 MK2 MP3 player 2x Pioneer CD J 400 MP3 player 1x HK full range active monitor speaker 1x Sennheiser microphone and 1x Shure SM58 microphone (wired) lighting: 22 LED Spots RGB Large disco ball event space Small Disco ball lounge Stroboscope.

The location itself is very flexible. Each room can be separated or reorganized. There are three entrances to the event area available. The access from the Friedrichstrasse with ample space is ideal for receptions on the red carpet, press wall and press area. The two entrances from the Mohrenstrasse 58/59 offer the possibility to park directly with the shuttle or buses before the location.